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If you're a Parent or student looking for the right tuition centre, look no further! Browse through our library of reputable tuition centres located islandwide. Book yourself a slot in one of their classes now!

The Primary Incubator

The Primary Incubator is a community of mentors and students who grow together with integrity, curiosity and grit. Our mission is to support primary and secondary school students in the English and Chinese languages.

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A Grader Learning Centre

We're a multi-disciplinary tuition centre chain with our own specially designed curriculums to help your child improve,
score better results and get ahead of school.

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The Edge Learning Centre

We offer professional consultation and guidance for our students to make the best academic decisions for their future. From tutoring, to consulting, we help bridge students one academic phase to the other seamlessly.

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Math Monkey

We are proud to offer effective mathematics enrichment programmes to young children through a new concept in teaching mathematics to children by making it more appealing than the existing, rigid education system used to teach math. 

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Positive Learning

We believe that all students should be given the opportunity to realise their potential and excel. This is why we aim to provide a positive and motivating environment where they are not afraid to ask questions and clarify doubts

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Smart Lab

We offer a comprehensive educational programme that delivers results in the core subjects of maths, science and English. Built around activity-based and problem-based learning, our programme enables small class sizes to explore key topics that are likely to be addressed in exams. 

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We specialise in breaking down the common student obstacles of economics and helping each student ace their goals at the end of their academic journey with us.

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BlueTree Education Learning Centre

Our curriculum is designed not only with academic excellence in mind; we want every child to acquire the core thinking skills of thinking critically, inventively, and reflectively as their foundation for learning.

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Elucidation Learning Centre

Elucidation organises and conducts small group tuition. We assess and monitor the progress of students individually. Students are grouped according to their abilities and we limit each group to no more than 8 students.

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Achieve 360

Achieve 360 brings differentiated teaching and learning into the classroom, customising and individualising each lesson to the need of each student. No two students will share the same lesson plan or be taught the same way.

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Bright Culture

We only have one goal, to help your child score their best for their exams. Every single lesson is designed for maximum effect to help our students ACE their exams.

Bright culture
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Ken Tuition Centre

Our main aim is to provide better understanding to what is being taught in the school syllabus and to better prepare our students for their exams by providing the right program and develop perseverance in the respective subjects.

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Stag Match

We are a registered education business that has become a leading education business in the education industry. Our growing services are in-line with Singapore’ Education system, which focuses on students’ creative thinking and analytical skills. 

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5 Steps Learning

5 Steps Learning is an accelerated learning laboratory, developing and fine-tuning its 5 Steps System™ for more than 15 years. Thousands of students benefited from it, substantially improving their test’s scores and strengthening their confidence.

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Advent Learning Centre

Advent Learning is setup to target individual learning for all age groups and Corporate learning in the area of business excellence, people excellence, innovation excellence, quality and safety.

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Azken Tuition

AZKEN is founded on the strong passion and belief on continuous learning and nurturing not only the minds but also the character. In empowering each child to rise to their fullest potential which will develop confident learners who will be self-driven and motivated to excel.

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Odyssey Learning

Our full-time qualified teachers teach in a fun and interactive way for students to grasp concepts easily and quickly. We also motivate our students to teach the class and share the concepts they have learnt. 

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